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Honma Tokyo

Honma Tokyo PlastHair Bixyplasty Preparation Shampoo 1L Step 1

Honma Tokyo PlastHair Bixyplasty Preparation Shampoo 1L Step 1

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Prepare your hair for a remarkable transformation with PlastHair Bixyplasty Preparation Shampoo. Step 1 of this straightening treatment gently cleanses, priming your locks for the magic of Bixyplasty. Experience sleek, shiny hair like never before.






Honma Tokyo


Formaldehyde free 

Hair type

According to step 2 which can be Jabuticaba, Passion Fruit or Precious Blend hair types. 

Colour change

Hair can become one tone lighter

Number of treatments

Circa 40 treatments with 1 litre

Treatment duration

3 months  



How to use

Step 1
With wet hair, apply a small portion of the Preparation Shampoo PlastHair Bixyplastia massaging to the ends. Rinse well without leaving product residue. Repeat the procedure 1 or 2 more times as needed.

Next steps, follow the Kits for Precious Blend, Jabuticaba or Passion Fruit, depending on your customer's needs/preferences. 

This product is suitable for professional use only. This is just a short description and not a master guide. If you would like to learn more and expand your knowledge in the area of hair straightening & reconstruction, we recommend that you take part in a product training course.

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