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How to straighten hair without heat - Lizze Photon Extreme

How to straighten hair without heat - Lizze Photon Extreme

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How to straighten hair without heat, in other words, straighten your customer's hair fast and with no heat? Check out the Lizze Extreme Photon. This device is a fast hair straightener which uses light to accelerate chemical processes on the hair. That is to say, you straighten their hair without the hot iron that many times can be harmful, but, you also effect the treatment much faster. 
Save time and money for you and your customer by utilising a photonic emission device such as Lizze Extreme Photon, pioneers in photon equipment for the hair beauty industry. 







Hair type


All types of hair can be straightened without heat and without a straightener. 



  • Accelerates processing times, that is to say, it works as a fast hair straightener
  • Photo activation of chemical product in the hair strand
  • Facilitates chemical procedures such as bleaching and colouring
  • Does not heat the scalp as the light is cold, in other words, it is how to straighten hair without heat
  • Longer lasting results for chemical treatments
  • Offer faster treatments for customers who do not have the time for long salon procedures
  • Helps in the hair growth phase making it stronger
  • Reduces scalp oiliness

In conclusion, you will be able to serve more customers and minimise hair strand damage for them. 

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