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Lizze Extreme Titanium - Hair Straightener

Lizze Extreme Titanium - Hair Straightener

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Best hair straightener Lizze Extreme is great value. Firstly, its titanium component heats up evenly along the bar giving your customer the best hair straightening. Secondly, it is the best hair straightener for thick hair and, simultaneously, the best hair straightener for frizzy hair. Consequently, Lizze ranks among the best hair straighteners with exports to North America, EMEA and Apac. In short, a global brand of prestige and high quality. 








Hair Straightener Benefits 

In addition to the description above, find a list of specific benefits below: 

  • Titanium hair straighteners are great to straighten thick and long hair in minutes
  • They are also the best hair straighteners for frizzy hair
  • They heat up evenly along the titanium bar in a matter of seconds
  • The plates are known to control frizzy, difficult hair much better

Quick Comparison

See below a table comparing Ceramic vs Titanium hair straighteners, the two types of professional hair straightener plates, consequently, facilitating your understanding:

Ceramic Plates Titanium Plates
Even heat distribution for fine results Heats up in seconds
Ideal for use on fine and thin hair Perfect to easily straighten thick and long hair
Helps with moisture retention Effectively controls frizzy hair
Offers a nourished and natural texture Leaves hair shiny and glossy
Holds heat for longer Smoothens hair in just a few minutes

In conclusion, you will be able to give your customers with frizzy and/or thick hair the best hair straightening possible. Moreover, you will save time treating thick hair as titanium heats up fast and smoothens hair quickly. 

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