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Brazilicious Honey Therapy 1L Step 1

Brazilicious Honey Therapy 1L Step 1

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Embark on your honey therapy journey with step 1 of 3. Harness the power of honey for perfect straightening, frizz elimination, brilliant shine, enhanced flexibility, reduced hair fall, accelerated growth, and a naturally stunning result. Our honey, imported from Yemen, continues the legacy of ancient Egyptian beauty secrets, strengthening your scalp, infusing moisture and nourishment to your hair, and providing antioxidant protection. Begin your quest for exquisite haircare. 


Formaldehyde free

Hair type

All types of hair. 

How to use

Anti-residue shampoo. Wash and apply shampoo 2-3 times, massaging the scalp for 10 minutes to clean hair. Rinse the hair.

This product is suitable for professional use only. This is just a short description and not a master guide. If you would like to learn more and expand your knowledge in the area of hair straightening & reconstruction, we recommend that you take part in a product training course.



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