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Honma Tokyo

Honma Tokyo Bio Coconut Collagen 100ml Single Step

Honma Tokyo Bio Coconut Collagen 100ml Single Step

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Unlock the power of Bio Coconut for flawless Collagen hair straightening. This single-step wonder combines protein and collagen, delivering permanent straightness from the second treatment while maintaining volume.


Honma Tokyo

Hair type

All hair types

Key ingredients

Coconut oil, collagen and wheat protein.  


How to use

The Collagen Biococonut line it is designed to straighten hair, but if not used in sufficient quantity, it will not have the desired effect. Read the description to understand how much of the product you should use to keep hair looking healthy.

Step 1
Shake before using. With clean hair, divide it into 4 parts.
Step 2
Apply Collagen BioCoconut 1 cm away from the root, aligning the strands with a fine comb. Leave for 20 minutes.
Step 3
After 20 minutes, partially rinse the product and remove excess water with a towel and begin the brushing process until the threads are completely polished then plank in thin strands. 

This product is suitable for professional use only. This is just a short description and not a master guide. If you would like to learn more and expand your knowledge in the area of hair straightening & reconstruction, we recommend that you take part in a product training course.

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