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Welcome to Make It Straight – Your Destination for Premium Hair Straightening Solutions!

At Make It Straight, we believe every strand of the customer's hair deserves the best straightening treatment and hair care possible. Our mission is to empower you, stylist, with a wide range of premium hair smoothing products that transform your client's locks into a stunning masterpiece.

Explore Our Collections

Straightening Treatments: Experience the magic of Brazilian beauty secrets with our Brazilian Blowout, Collagen, Organic, Bixyplasty and other hair smoothing therapies to awe your customers. 

Single-Step Treatments: Explore our single-step treatments for quick and effective results for those on the go.

Kits: Experience the power of comprehensive hair straightening and hair care with our curated kits, ensuring your consumer achieves the hairstyle they seek. Care and maintenance kits are available too. 

Hair Care: Explore a wide range of hair care products to address their unique needs, from chemical damage repair, botox treatments, detoxification, to products that repair and straighten the hair at the same time.

Why Choose Make It Straight?

  • Premium Treatments: We focus solely on hair straightening products and associated care for professionals. We have all hair straightening therapies in the market on our Webstore. 
  • Convenience: Make It Straight is the only One-Stop-Shop for hair smoothing products in the UK and Europe. Buy all your hair straightening needs in one single place for convenience. 
  • Confidence: Find any and every straightening treatment your salon needs at Make It Straight. 

Join the Make It Straight community today and take the first step towards hair perfection. 

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