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Can I Straighten My Short, Blond, Curly Hair?

Short, blond, curly hair can be challenging to tame. The curls have a mind, frizzing up with humidity and resisting even the most strategic brush strokes. You've likely wondered if getting your short locks to go straight finally is possible.

The good news is that you can temporarily or permanently straighten your short blond curls. However, the process requires careful product selection and technique to avoid damage. You can unlock straight, smooth blond strands with the correct information.

Understanding Short-Blond Curly Hair

To successfully straighten short blond curls, it's essential to understand what makes this hair type unique:

  • Texture - Curly hair has a zig-zag-shaped follicle structure that causes bending and curling. The curls in short hair can be incredibly bouncy and tightly coiled.
  • Porosity - Curly blond hair often has a porous cuticle layer that quickly absorbs and loses moisture. It contributes to puffiness.
  • Sensitivity - Short curled blond hair is frequently fine and delicate. It's prone to drying out and breaking.
  • Density - There may be varying density levels; some patches are thicker, and others are more diffuse.
  • History - Previous chemical processing and heat styling can compromise integrity.

Knowing these traits will help you pick appropriate straightening products and techniques.

An Effective Straightening System

The Honma Tokyo PlastHair Box Plastic Passion Fruit Kit is a product well-suited for blond curly hair straightening. This 2-step semi-permanent smoothing treatment contains passion fruit antioxidants to nourish hair and combat frizz. The formaldehyde-free formula gently coats the hair, allowing straight blowouts lasting 2-3 months.

Customers praise how well it works on resistant curly and frizzy hair without being overly harsh. Since the product doesn't entirely rearrange bonds, it allows curls to return quickly. It makes it a great temporary option for blondes wanting straight hair.

Methods for Straightening Short-Blond Curls

In addition to semi-permanent smoothing treatments like the PlastHair system, you can temporarily or more permanently straighten short blond curly hair using direct high-heat methods.

1.     Temporary Straightening Options

These techniques last 1-3 days before the natural texture starts to return. They are safe for frequent use.

1.     Blow Drying

On damp hair, section out clean locks and run a ceramic paddle brush and a powerful dryer down the shafts from roots to ends. Keep tension to pull hair straight while drying. Keep the dryer 6 inches away and continuously moving—prep hair with a thermal protectant.

2.     Flat Ironing

Depending on thickness, separate hair into sections 1-2 inches wide. Carefully slowly pass a 1-1.5 inch ceramic, tourmaline or titanium flat iron down each section. Clamp hair firmly but not tightly. Stylists recommend going over each section 2-3 times. Remember to alternate the direction with each pass to prevent indentations. Use a heat setting from 310°F/154 Celsius to at most 350°F/176 Celsius. Finish with a polish serum.

2.    Longer-Term Straightening

These methods use chemicals or permanent heat treatments to straighten curly hair for 2-6 months by altering the internal bonds.

1.     Japanese Straightening

This thermal reconditioning method permanently alters the inner hair bonds using a unique flat iron technique to loosen curls and reduce volume. The stylist applies a chemical relaxer formula before blow-drying hair straight with tension. Then, flat irons pass over small sections at 450°F/232 Celsius to restructure and straighten hair rods.

2.     Keratin Treatment

Keratin is the protein in the hair. These in-salon treatments use a formaldehyde-free solution with concentrated keratin to fill in gaps and smooth the cuticle layer. After blow drying, the formula remains sealed with a 450F/232C flat iron to last 2-4 months before fading.

3.    Relaxers

Chemical relaxers are the most aggressive option, though advances have made some no-lye versions safer. They work by breaking the disulfide bonds inside the coils to straighten permanently. Effects can last 4-6 months. The stylist sections and precisely applies the product to avoid overlapping before neutralizing and sealing. You must be extremely careful with your application to limit scalp burning and hair loss.

A note on hair photon devices. If you have clients who do not want to use heat-styling tools, you can opt for a therapy using hair photonic devices such as the Lizze Photon Supreme, which offers 3 different light treatments, or the Lizze Photon Extreme, 2 light treatments. Both act on the chemical straightening product and accelerate the straightening process without heat!


3.    Tips for Frizz-Free, Healthy Hair

When straightening delicate blond strands, avoiding frizz and maintaining integrity is paramount. Follow these pro tips:

  • Prep hair with a nourishing balm or mask 1-2 days before straightening.
  • Always use a heat protectant spray immediately before using a hot tool.
  • Keep the dryer 6 inches from hair when blow drying and continuously glide it to prevent hot spots.
  • Be sure flat iron plates are ceramic, titanium or tourmaline to minimize snags.
  • Finish with an anti-humidity pomade or serum to smooth the cuticle layer.
  • Schedule occasional conditioning treatments to keep hair strong and healthy.

Additional Considerations

1.     Extensions

If you have clip-in extensions, choose human hair versions that can be safely flat-ironed or blow-dried. Synthetic extensions may melt or fry under hot tools.

2.    Color Change

When chemically treating curly blond hair, you risk some colour change. Permanent relaxers commonly cause a slight darkening over time. Keep this in mind if maintaining a platinum tone.

Get Those Short Curls Straightened!

The right products, tools, and techniques can target unruly, short blond curls. Whether you're looking to loosen up texture temporarily or trying for longer-lasting straight locks, safeguard hair health by:

  • Using gentle, nourishing straightening systems
  • Preparing hair properly before applying heat tools
  • Following the recommendations for temperature settings
  • Maintaining moisture to avoid brittle, damaged strands

Ready to see your short, curly blond hair go sleek and straight? Try the excellent Honma Tokyo straightening kit linked above!

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