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Achieve Straight, Shiny Hair with Honma Tokyo

Honma Tokyo offers high-quality Brazilian keratin treatments, hair straightening products, collagen hair care kits and much more to help you achieve your dream looks.

This comprehensive guide covers Honma Tokyo's top products for sleek, shiny, frizz-free hair, within its hair straightening product line.

An Introduction to Honma Tokyo Hair Care

Founded in Brazil in 2008, with a strong Japanese heritage, Honma Tokyo believes managing unruly, difficult hair should be simple. Their goal? To give people the straight, shiny, frizz-free hair of their dreams - without the harsh chemicals.

Honma Tokyo's innovative collections transform even the wildest, most coarse manes with custom straightening and repair treatments. They permanently relax curls (permanent treatment means your client’s hair will be straight for 3-5 months depending on the choice of treatment and maintenance), eliminate frizz, and restore hair health using breakthrough techniques.

Honma Tokyo's Signature Services in its Hair Straightening Product Line

  • Brazilian Coffee & Keratin Straightening – Hair straightening products for naturally thick and resistant hair
  • BixyPlasty Permanent Straightening
    • Jabuticaba - Straightens dyed and tinted hair
    • Passion Fruit - Straightens blonde hair
  • Collagen Hair Repair Kits – Straightens and rejuvenates hair with collagen

Each collection uses advanced ingredients like nano proteins, botanical oils, and collagen to penetrate strands deeper. It allows for dramatic transformations without damage.

Let’s uncover the benefits of Honma Tokyo's leading solutions. Discover how their salon treatments can upgrade your hair health, beauty, and manageability.

Finally, achieve your dream texture and bid farewell to bad hair days. With nourishing ingredients and lasting results, Honma Tokyo offers hair you'll feel confident showing off.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening with Honma Tokyo

Brazilian keratin treatments by Honma Tokyo are salon products that can permanently straighten thick and resistant, curly, or frizzy locks. The process works by injecting activated keratin protein deep into the hair strands.

First, hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo to open the cuticles. Next, the stylist applies the Straightening Fluid - which contains cysteine and keratin amino acids - to permeate strands with the shape-memory proteins. It is sealed with heat from a flat iron. See our option of hair straightener, one of the best hair straighteners for thick hair Lizze Extreme Titanium Hair Straightener.

The keratin bonds inside the hair structure make strands stick straight and smooth the cuticle layer. The final neutralizing conditioner ensures the hair stays frizz-free and seals the treatment.

Results last 10 to 12 weeks, depending on hair type. Touch-ups refresh the protein bonds for continued anti-frizz, straightening effects. Consistent use trains hair to remain smooth and straight with less maintenance.


  • Long lasting straight, smooth hair that remains frizz and curl-free
  • Boosts shine for glossy, sleek-looking strands
  • Significant reduction in styling time since hair air dries stick straight
  • Makes hair more manageable, silky, and more accessible to style
  • Repairs damage from environmental factors
  • Safe for all hair types and colors, including thick and resistant hair types.

Over time, the Honma Tokyo Brazilian Keratin treatment allows you to embrace your naturally straight side - without damage from hot tools. No more painful hours with brushes and blow dryers!

PlastHair BixyPlasty Jabuticaba Kit for dyed/tinted hair

Honma Tokyo's Bixyplasty Jabuticaba Permanent Hair kit takes the torture out of styling for dyed and/or tinted strands that never seem to cooperate. This in-salon service deeply infuses Jabuticaba extracts, anthocyanin and hydrolyzed keratin to straighten & treat colored hair.

The complete four-step straightening and discipline system smooths hair in two phases:

  • Step 1: It acts directly on the hair fiber cuticle, removing all impurities and “opening” it, facilitating the absorption of active ingredients.
  • Step 2: The powerful BixyPlasty mask permeates strands, sealing the Jabuticaba & Keratin concentrates inside. This aligns the hair fiber, thus, straightening the hair.

One salon session will get your customer’s hair nurtured, with a natural balance, rejuvenated due to urucum oil, a natural antioxidant, which is also rich in beta-carotene which, in turn, restores hair strands. Pracaxi oil will keep hair moisturized. Lastly, keratin will help straighten and treat chemically damaged hair.

Straight Strands with Passion Fruit BixyPlasty, with a focus on blonde hair.

Honma Tokyo's Passion Fruit BixyPlasty Kit takes their signature hair disciplining service to the next level - infusing strands with ultra-hydrating oils. This professional treatment is specially designed for coarse, thick, curly blonde hair that struggles to stay straight.

The two-phase process involves:

  • Step 1: It acts directly on the hair fiber cuticle, removing all impurities and “opening” the strand, facilitating the absorption of active ingredients.
  • Step 2: Passion Fruit’s active acids interact with keratin placing a protective film around the strand and promoting high quality hair fiber alignment.


Just one salon session leaves hair straight, smooth, and easier to manage. Effects last 12 to 16 weeks. Your stylist provides aftercare products to maintain glossy, soft, straight hair between appointments.

Passion Fruit BixyPlasty allows you to simplify your routine. Enjoy frizz-free days without the flat iron!

Coffee Collagen Hair Repair from Honma Tokyo

If straightening hair naturally is the critical first step for you, Honma Tokyo's Coffee Premium Collagen system uses the powerful pairing of coffee extracts and collagen to, one, straighten your customer’s hair and, two, restore hair's health and beauty.

How It Works

  • Coffee: Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp to improve follicle and hair growth
  • Collagen: Straightens hair and structurally fills holes and cracks in strands to prevent breakage
  • Wheat protein: Increases significantly your hair’s capacity to maintain its water content, thus, reducing porosity and improving softness. It also reduces the static electricity load in the strands.
  • Babacu oil: helps with cell regeneration and it also moisturizes strands.

Together, these ingredients straighten and renew hair's strength and elasticity and shine from within, combating environmental stressors.


  • Straightens hair
  • Improves density and fullness
  • Prevents moisture loss and dehydration
  • Protects from free radicals and pollution
  • Fills split ends and reduces breakage
  • Safeguards color vibrancy and shine



The Coffee Premium Collagen Kit is made up of three steps

  • Dilating shampoo: Dilates the hair cuticle helping with the absorption of the product actives
  • Regenerating gel: Hair straightening is done through collagen action. Through the action of collagen, keratin and the remaining ingredients, plus heat, the straight structure is created.
  • Protein spray: Softens hair fiber and protects from heat and sunlight.

These products are used together to straighten and revive your hair. Consistent use ensures continued effects.

Give your hair the renewal it deserves from the inside out. Honma Tokyo's Coffee Collagen line offers complete strengthening and protection you'll love showing off.

Start Your Journey to Dream Hair with Honma Tokyo Now

Say goodbye to frizzy, damaged hair for good and hi to a new straight hair. Honma Tokyo's top hair smoothing treatments and collagen-care kits offer salon-quality straightening with less damage.

Reveal your most beautiful straight, sleek strands starting today. Empower yourself with the freedom of fuss-free hair you'll love showing off.

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