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Honma Tokyo Hair Repair & Straightening Coffee Green 1000ml

Honma Tokyo Hair Repair & Straightening Coffee Green 1000ml

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Hair repair treatment & hair straightening for your customer with Coffee Green Protein Discipline and, above all, in one Single-Step. Firstly, enriched with Green Coffee and Mint Extract, this hair restoration shampoo rebuilds from within, ensuring strong, resistant and straight strands and, as a result, clients will enjoy amplified shine and hydration with anti-aging benefits. If you are looking for damaged hair products that can straighten hair, then, look no further. 





Honma Tokyo Brazilian Hair Straightening 




To sum up, please, see a list below:

  • Hair straightening
  • Hair rebuilding - inside out
  • Hair restoration
  • Hair rejuvenation 



Hair repair treatment & hair straightening without harsh chemicals, that is to say, Formaldehyde free

Hair type

Hair repair for a variety of hair types, for example, wavy, curly and frizzy hair types but also suitable for strong blond and frizzy hair. In short, please, see below: 

Wavy Hair (2A, 2B and 2C)
Curly Hair (3A, 3B and 3C)
Frizzy Hair (4A, 4B and 4C)

Colour change

Hair can become one tone lighter. This hair restoration shampoo cannot be used in combination with Henna. 

Number of treatments 

You can make circa 25 treatments with 1 litre subsequently covering both hair straightening and hair repair treatments. 

Treatment duration

3 months 

 How to use

This product will work both as a hair restoration shampoo and a hair straightening product. 

Step 1
Without washing your hair, split it into four sections and apply the disciplinary lotion 1 cm away from the roots, aligning the hair. Leave the hair repair product on hair for 40-90 minutes.

Step 2
Rinse thoroughly until all product has been removed.

Step 3
Comb well and straighten small sections of hair.

In conclucion, your customer now will have a straight hair, nurtured and with anti-aging agents. 

This product is suitable for professional use only. This is just a short description and not a master guide. If you would like to learn more and expand your knowledge in the area of hair straightening & damaged hair products, we recommend that you take part in a product training course.

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