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Brazilicious Tannin Therapy 1L Step 1

Brazilicious Tannin Therapy 1L Step 1

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Discover hair care with Brazilicious Tannin Therapy. Repair and shield your hair by restoring chemical bonds damaged by treatments. The groundbreaking 'ultra-moisturising polymers' provide a smoothing effect and comprehensive nourishment. This is the solution for damaged hair seeking care and enduring softness.






Hair type

Indicated for very damaged and difficult hair.

How to use

Step 1
Wash the hair with the Step 1 Brazilicious Tanino Therapy. Apply a second time, and before rinsing, leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove moisture from the hair with a towel and comb through to align the hair.

This product is suitable for professional use only. This is just a short description and not a master guide. If you would like to learn more and expand your knowledge in the area of hair straightening & reconstruction, we recommend that you take part in a product training course.


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