How to straighten hair without heat? Make It Straight has the solution

How To Straighten Hair Without Heat?

Are you dreaming of straight, sleek hair but want to avoid the damaging effects of heat styling? You're in luck! In this guide, we'll explore various techniques of how to straighten hair without a straightener providing you with options that suit different hair types and preferences. From utilising cold air blow-drying to experimenting with wrapping and rolling methods, you'll discover the secrets to naturally achieving that coveted straight look. We'll also introduce you to the Lizze Photon Devices, a revolutionary product that takes non-heat hair straightening to the next level.

Lizze Photon: Taking Non-Heat Straightening to the Next Level
For those seeking a revolutionary non-heat straightening solution, consider the Lizze Photon Device. This cutting-edge product utilises advanced technology to straighten hair without needing heat. With the Lizze Extreme Photon or Supreme Photon, you can achieve salon-quality straight hair effortlessly. See the benefits of each below: 

Lizze Supreme Photon

Offers a 3-Light Treatment
BLUE light: stimulates and improves results of hair straightening, botox and other treatments;
RED light: activates blood circulation and strengthens the hair fibre;
GREEN light: revitalises hair fibre and nourishes hair;

Lizze Extreme Photon

Offers a 2-Light Treatment
BLUE light: stimulates and improves results of hair straightening, botox and other treatments;
RED light: activates blood circulation and strengthens the hair fibre;

Let's explore how this innovative technology works and why it's the key to achieving straight hair without heat damage.

1. Accelerating Processing Times
The Lizze Photon is a fast hair straightener significantly reducing processing times for various hair treatments. Traditional methods often involve time-consuming processes that can be impractical for those with busy schedules. With the Lizze Photon Devices, you can save time for yourself and your customers, providing faster and more efficient hair straightening solutions.

2. Photo Activation of Chemical Products
One of the standout features of the Photon device is its ability to activate chemical products in the hair through photonic emission. This makes it an ideal tool for procedures such as bleaching and colouring. The light emitted by the device accelerates the chemical reactions, ensuring even and effective results without the need for excessive heat. As a result, the hair is straightened without the potential harm caused by traditional hot irons.

3. No Heat on the Scalp
The Photon Equipment distinguishes itself from conventional straighteners by utilising cold light, ensuring the scalp remains cool. This not only enhances the safety of the treatment but also addresses the common issue of heat-related discomfort during hair straightening procedures. The absence of heat on the scalp is a crucial aspect of how to straighten hair without heat, promoting a more comfortable experience for your customers.

4. Longer Lasting Results for Chemical Treatments
The efficiency of the Photon translates to longer-lasting results for chemical treatments. The accelerated chemical processes save time and contribute to the durability of straightened hair. Customers can enjoy the benefits of their straightened hair for an extended period, reducing the frequency of salon visits for touch-ups.

5. Faster Treatments for Busy Customers
In today's fast-paced world, many customers seek beauty treatments that provide quick results without compromising quality. Photon devices meet this demand by offering faster hair straightening treatments. Whether your customers have tight schedules or prefer expedited salon procedures, this device allows you to cater to their needs efficiently.

6. Promoting Hair Growth and Strength
Beyond its role as a fast hair straightener, this device contributes to the overall health of the hair. It aids hair growth, making strands more potent and more resilient. This dual functionality sets the Lizze Photon Devices apart as versatile tools that straightens hair and promotes its long-term health.

7. Reduction in Scalp Oiliness
Another noteworthy benefit of it is its ability to reduce scalp oiliness. Traditional heat styling tools can sometimes exacerbate issues related to excessive oil production on the scalp. By using cold light technology, this device helps maintain a balanced scalp environment, addressing oiliness without compromising the hair's health.

Now, we will see different techniques to straighten your customer's hair or yours without heat. 

Wrap Your Hair
Hair wrapping is a popular technique for achieving straight hair without heat styling. Watch tutorials on YouTube to find a method that suits your hair type. You'll need long bobby pins and a satin hair-wrapping scarf or turban. Section your hair, comb it flat, and tightly pin it to the opposite side of your head. Repeat this process for each section, securing with a hair turban before bedtime. This effective method can be a game-changer in your no-heat straightening routine.

Roll with Plastic Rollers
For voluminous, glossy hair without heat, try plastic rollers. Opt for jumbo-sized rollers (1 3/4 diameter or more significant) for a slightly wavy look. Divide damp hair into medium sections and roll in the plastic rollers before bedtime or a few hours before removing them. While it might take some practice, the results are worth it. Explore YouTube tutorials for guidance and master the art of achieving fabulous, heat-free waves.

Use Products Meant to Straighten Hair
Experiment with a variety of products specifically designed to straighten or relax hair. Shampoos, conditioners, leave-in products, and hairsprays formulated for straightening can make a significant difference. Smoothing serums and spray-on conditioners with keratin can coat your hair strands, relax curls, and provide a sleek appearance. Incorporate these products into your routine for added effectiveness.

Sleep with Wet Hair
If hair wrapping or rollers seem too involved, try a more straightforward method: sleeping with wet hair. Tie a loose ponytail at the top of your head using a hairband, then wrap your hair around it and secure it with another hair tie, creating a bun shape. For better results, consider using a satin pillowcase to reduce friction, ensuring your hair stays straighter when you wake up.

The Lizze Extreme Photon offers a revolutionary solution for those wondering how to straighten hair without heat through a 2-light treatment. The Lizze Supreme Photon offers a 3-light treatment, the premium version among the Lizze Photons. These fast hair straighteners not only ensure efficient and safe straightening processes but also contribute to the overall health and vitality of the hair. Incorporating this innovative device into your salon routine can save time, serve more customers, and minimise hair strand damage, providing a win-win solution for you and your clientele.

To experience the benefits of the Lizze Photon Devices for yourself and transform how you approach hair straightening, check out the product here. Upgrade your salon experience and offer your customers a new era of hair straightening technology.




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